PV project construction represents our core business: we ensure the selection of the most efficient components, adopt advanced installation techniques, offer competitive services and guarantee on-schedule delivery, while following strict safety rules and performing mechanical and electrical installation of PV systems under full quality control (ISO 9001 certified).
The experience of our team is the guarantee of a professional service during all the working phases, following the components manufactures’ instructions, mechanical and electrical standards and customer specifications.
Very accurate planning and management of site-works are the decisive factors for our success of building solar power plants and e-mobility facilities.

PV Eurosolution provides services including:
Project engineering;
Site preparation and civil works;
Use of different foundation techniques and equipment to install mechanical structures (fixed and tracking);
Secure installation of PV modules (crystalline and TF), based upon the experience of more than 50 projects built;
Set up of the electrical system, including DC collection system, DC/AC conversion and AC grid interconnection (power station);
Testing and commissioning of PV projects with different sizes and technologies;
Revamping of exsisting distressed projects to bring them to new full efficiency

Our technical solutions ensure the efficient operation of your PV system, offering the best prospects of a profitable investment.

PV Eurosolution installs photovoltaic solar projects, adapting them to the site, terrain, local construction standards, weather conditions, and other circumstances, depending on the specific project.
Final design and assembly of the various types of structures (fixed, trackers and carport) following the requirements and schedule predefined with the client, no matter what size the system is. All tasks such as ground preparation, topography, on-site mapping, pile driving, structure and module assembly, buildings, roads and fences are included in one coordinated service package.

After completion of the electrical design and construction planning, PV Eurosolution carries out the setting up of the collection system of the photovoltaic project, including ground grid, module wiring, combiner boxes and inverters installation, MV cables, power station with transformer, MV boards, grid interface protections, grid interconnection and all the way to functional testing.

The various control stages consist of tests of isolated components, checking of all wiring, functional tests pre-energization, insulation tests, ground grid resistance test, followed by operational tests after energization.
PV Eurosolution takes care of final commissioning and the required certification for operation in parallel with the electric grid, according to national codes.