About us

We are proud of the letters of appreciation of our customers, confirming our excellent track record of quality and on-schedule completion of works.
PV eurosolution

PV Eurosolution is a photovoltaic project construction company which has provided the industry with accurate design and professional installation services of large PV projects, enhancing its expertise while building more than 500MW of PV plants in several countries in Europe, Africa and Asia.
Its strength resides in its team, consisting of engineers, construction manager, skilled workers and senior consultants.

After its foundation in 2010, the company, headquartered in Verona, Italy, has expanded its business in the international PV markets, and is licensed for construction works in multiple countries. In 2015, it opened a new office in Istanbul, Turkey, to expand its scope to some direct investments while serving the growing PV industry of the country with project development, engineering, finance, project management, construction and O&M.

The experienced team has a proven track record of success in different projects, where the selection of high quality components from reputable and proven suppliers, very accurate planning and professional management of on-site logistics secured reliable completion of the mechanical and electrical installation of projects, according to the customers’ technical specifications, safety standards and applicable local codes.

PV Eurosolution implements tailor made solutions for every project by staying on top of the technology evolution and applying the best practices for cost reduction, while maintaining safety and quality as its first priorities. In all places and all situations PV Eurosolution is committed to ethics and integrity with its customers, employees and all third parties.